Orthodontic Biomechanics Introductory Course

In 2019 Sibos has organised a yearly course divided into 3 independent sessions, dedicated to the ones that want to get familiar to biomechanics and segmented arch technique.
The course covers the basis of biomechanics and tooth movements, with a highly practical and clinical approach. In-depth teaching on more complex tooth movements and appliances as well as clinical application of biomechanics to the most used straight-wire techniques and aligners is part of the programme.
The goal is to deliver the basic concepts of biomechanics and to stimulate orthodontists to extend the knowledge on rationale of tooth movement, to allow the clinician to choose the correct technique and individualise the clinical decision to different situations and patients, independently on the technique used. Clear definition of treatment goals and tooth movement is considered the basis to any orthodontic treatment.

Biomechanics Introductory Course “Planning and management of orthodontic tooth movement”

March 9th, 2019
Federico II University – Nuovo Policlinico

Free for Sibos 2019 Members
Many orthodontists wish to gain a deeper awareness about the underlying mechanisms of orthodontic appliances. The class will explain, from a clinical perspective, the basic principles of orthodontic tooth movement and the application in different orthodontic techniques.

Introductory Course “Advanced mechanics: transpalatal arch, torque and space closure”

June 1th, 2019
Ospedale Bambin Gesù

Fee for SIBOS members 70€
Molars control, torque management and space closure are three major orthodontic challenges. The class will dive into these tasks providing theoretical concepts, practical insights and ready-to-use tips in clinical practice.
Practical wire-bending session on typodont

Introductory Course “Cantilever and its clinical application”

November 23rd, 2019
Hotel Nh Torino Centro

Fee for SIBOS members 70€
Cantilever is a simple and versatile orthodontic appliance proven to be extremely useful to correct everyday clinical challenges such as rotations, deepbite, openbite, uprighting and management of impacted teeth.
The class will deal with theoretical principle while focusing on all the steps needed to realize different kinds of cantilever.
Practical wire-bending session on typodont