Biomechanics Course


March 9th, 2019
Planning and management of orthodontic tooth movement
Free for Sibos 2019 Members


June 1st, 2019
Advanced mechanics: transpalatal arch, torque and space closure
Fee for SIBOS members 70€


November 23rd, 2019
Cantilever and its clinical application
Fee for SIBOS members 70€

About Us

The Italian Society of Biomechanics and Segmented Orthodontics (SIBOS) strives to promote the study and clinical application of biomechanics in orthodontics since 1989.
The scientific basis of orthodontics rests on a knowledge of anatomy, physiology, growth and in particular biomechanics, that studies the relationship between force systems and dental or orthopedic correction. The knowledge of biomechanics is necessary to control tooth movement, and the application of the correct force system is relevant to the correct selection of any orthodontic appliance such as sliding mechanics, intermaxillary elastics, functional appliances or aligners. The emphasis is on principles rather than techniques, with a language that universally describes how an appliance works and is to be used.

Become a Sibos member

  • Orthodontic Biomechanics Introductory Course.
  • Hands-on workshop with wire-bending sessions on typodont with qualified instructors.
  • Annual Interdisciplinary Congresses.

€ 100 for Qualified Dentist
€ 50 for Postgraduate Students


Sibos Board 2019 2020

Daniela Garbo

Vincenzo D’Antò
Vice President

Francesco Fava

Rosaria Bucci

Bruno Oliva
Scientific Advisor

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